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Reducing Bounce Rate from 71% to 13%

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Background: a new gateway for company information

Dun & Bradstreet is the world's leading source of business information and insight. More than 100,000 companies rely on D&B to provide the insight they need to help build profitable, quality business relationships with their customers, suppliers and business partners. That's because their global commercial database contains more than 151 million business records in over 190 countries. To help ensure the accuracy and completeness of their information, and help Companies to Decide with Confidence®, D&B use sophisticated data collection tools and update their database over 1.5 million times a day.

Challenge: high bounce rates

Company Searches is a product owned by D&B who approached us when they realised their website was performing badly. Back then, they were relying heavily on Pay Per Click to attract visitors, because their website was ranking badly for organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - even though the website had a strong URL. In addition, while Company Searches was attracting a large amount of visitors via its investment in Pay Per Click, the website had a horrendous bounce rate of 71%.

Solution: improving user experience

Acting as consultants on the project in Web Usability and User Experience (UX), we made sure that the new Company Searches website would perform much better for people and the world's major search engines. In the early design stages, we undertook Research and Website Analytics to advise on Digital Marketing Strategy and Brand Creation. As well as applying Information Architecture, we also provided Ethical SEO, Social Media Management and Copywriting Services to improve Usability.

Results: reduced bounce rates by 500%!

With our help, the new Company Searches website attracted the same amount of visitor numbers, keeping in the high 1000s - but without any Pay Per Click costs or expensive advertising links in professional journals. That's because we bumped their Google Position up from 7th for the primary phrase "Company Search" to 3rd - only below Companies House. Now, 36% of all visits to the website are new visitors and average page views per visitor have increased by 50%. Crucially, we have reduced bounce rate from 71.39% this time last year to 13.93% today. This means that previously, 7 in 10 people left immediately when arriving on the old website compared 1 in 7 now - that's an improvement of 500%.

What happened next?

Since its launch, D&B have maintained the Company Searches website with success. And whenever they want help with their Digital Marketing, we offer all the advice and support they need.

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