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Introducing: the executive serviced apartments provider

esa is a serviced apartment provider offering great value and any length of stay at the heart of core business areas across the Thames Valley. The company is committed to delivering quality, choice, service and support as standard with each of its furnished living spaces. Comfortable, luxurious and contemporary, esa's serviced apartments are designed to provide a welcoming home from home environment for business travellers, tourists, and for those relocating or in the process of moving home.

Challenge: unknown by ideal customers

When esa asked us to help, they were receiving only one enquiry per month via their website. That's because their products and services weren't appearing high up in search results. In fact, esa enjoyed little or no visibility online and many of their potential customers didn't know who they were. What's more, they were offering accommodation in one area only, close to their core base in Newbury. This meant that their client base lacked the diversity essential for the longevity of their business.

Solution: greater online presence

It was obvious to us that esa needed a massive injection of effective internet marketing to really build their online presence. First, we created the SEM strategy that would kick start esa's business growth by building their presence online. Then, we then applied SEO and PPC, using the most effective key search terms to target esa's ideal customers. In addition, we encouraged esa to broaden their client base by investing in properties in other key areas.

Results: increasing genuine enquiries by 1000%

In 2009, we took esa to the number one and number two positions on Google for their most relevant search terms. As well as bringing the bounce rate down to 10%, we increased visitors' time on site by 25%.Crucially, we increased site visitors by 100% and genuine enquires by 1000%. Now esa's website brings in over 100 hot leads each month, which provides 60% of their business - a massive improvement on the 5% of previous times. What's more, esa now offer a great selection of serviced apartments in diverse regions across the Thames Valley, which has lead to greater stability for their company in the long-term.

What happened next?

Following the success of their main website, esa has asked us to create a new site to target their business customers. By promoting esa's serviced apartments as a cost-effective alternative to hotels, it's our aim to take them to a new audience who hadn't previously considered serviced apartments.

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