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Launching a new product in a challenging market

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Introducing: the business intelligent software

Kaizen Systems creates bespoke and custom-built software to help companies streamline their processes and work more efficiently. Providing software integration, support, consultancy and project management, Kaizen's ethos is to work around the needs of people and business. As well as being specialists in business control and CRM database software, Kaizen now offers an innovative cost-saving programme called Active Timesheets, which forms part of their new Flo product range.

Challenge: a niche market

As a small software company working in a niche market, Kaizen Systems were quick to suffer the ill-effects of the economic crisis. In the five years since they'd taken their business online, Kaizen's existing website had brought them no new customers. The perception was that Kaizen was a local IT company, which was compounded by the fact that they were at that time called 'Win IT'. Of course, this brand name didn't really communicate who they were and what they offered. Unsurprisingly, we thought it was about time everything changed.

Solution: greater visibility

It was clear to us that Kaizen needed to become more visible to its potential customers. Using website analytics, we worked to identify their customers and how they search the internet for the products and services they need. This fed into Kaizen's new digital marketing strategy, which informed the digital branding for Kaizen's new identity as national software company. With this, we developed the SEM strategy that would position Kaizen, its products and services in front of more of its ideal customers. From website development and design to website optimisation with ethical SEO and PPC management, we created a business solution as bespoke as the services Kaizen offer.

Results: more sales

Kaizen MD Robin Winnett bet us that within one year the new Kaizen site couldn't beat the stats from the old website. In fact, we improved their web conversion to the extent where Kaizen's website now turns visitors into customers in the space of just one day. As things stand, Inspiration Inc is winning Rob's bet, hands down. Today, Kaizen's website is responsible for over 50% of all potential new clients.

What happened next?

Later, Kaizen asked us to launch their new product Active Timesheets and we used email marketing to drive their target to a new product website with the offer of a 60-day free software trial. When the new product website for Active Timesheets launched in October 2009, it generated sales with the first month and has lead to genuine enquiries from overseas. Far from the local company it once was, Kaizen now enjoys the international recognition for what they do.

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