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Your Information Architecture

At Inspiration Inc, we know that if people can easily find the information they need on your website, they are more likely to buy your service or product. That's why we offer Information Architecture. It's about making your website more intuitive to use so that it will convert more customers. What we use is a combination of Web Analytics and Web Conversion Architecture to understand how visitors use your website and how to make their online experience more rewarding all round. Read on to find out more about Information Architecture and what it can do for you.

What is Information Architecture?

Most people only notice Web Information Architecture when it is particularly poor, and actually stops them from finding the information they need. Effective Information Architecture for the World Wide Web gives people the answers they are looking for in a way that builds confidence and trust. Applied by Inspiration Inc, it can actually persuade more of your prospects that you, and only you, can fulfil their requirement.

  • How information is organised and grouped
  • What methods of navigation are provided
  • What terminology is used
  • How people use and consume data

Qualified to take care of Your Web Information Architecture

Making sure that people are told about your products and services in the right way isn't just about excellent Copywriting and Social Media Marketing. It's also structuring information in a way that people can understand. This starts with extracting and simplifying what you want to say. Inspiration Inc is a company of qualified Information Architects. By looking at things like the functionality and content of your website, and helping people explore your website in the most logical way, we will convert more of your website's visitors into your paying customers.

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