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At Inspiration Inc, we understand the importance of your image. As an Online PR Agency, we deliver strategic, targeted PR campaigns via a range of online platforms. From Social Media and Brand Creation to Email and Affiliate Marketing, we increase brand awareness and help you to build strong, sustainable relationships with customers and clients.

Talk to us, your Online PR Agency, about how we can:

  • Increase your online presence within client and customer networks
  • Boost your Online ROI Measurement with effective, measured PR campaigns
  • Improve your brand salience - the chance of customers thinking of your brand in a buying situation
  • Engage with customers through new and emerging media platforms
  • Listen to the Online Conversation and buzz to make sure that your Brand is delivering what your customers want

Building your reputation with customer interaction

Effective online PR is more than explaining why your products and services are the right choice. It's about engaging with consumers on a personal level and letting them know who you are and what you believe in. As your Online PR Agency, we will build your online credibility with Press Releases and Social Media Marketing, encouraging your target audience to interact and engage with your Brand through discussion and debate. By ensuring that consumers see your brand as relevant, exciting and necessary, we will boost your Web Conversion and increase your online ROI.

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